Top medic claims that water births are only suitable for clinical trials

A Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) in Forfar has been told by an expert witness that births in which birthing pools are used are “experimental” and should only be used in clinical trials.

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Transport to hospital also a concern

The inquiry was hearing evidence about the death of a baby girl who was a few hours old and had been born in a community midwife unit. The expert witness, Dr. Peter Fowlie, is a paediatric consultant and also the regional director for neonatal transport. He said that if specialist doctors had examined the baby earlier, her life could possibly have been saved.

In Scotland, water births are offered to expectant mothers who are going to give birth at home, in hospital and in midwife units. Dr. Fowlie said that there was an ongoing debate about the safety of delivering babies in water, although there was evidence that during labour, being in water could help the mother.

The inquiry had previously heard evidence that the midwife-run unit was in an emergency response blackspot. Travelling by specialist transport to Dundee, the nearest suitable hospital,

Great Pregnancy Fitness Tips

Great Pregnancy Fitness TipsThere are many reasons why you ought to stay fit and active during your pregnancy. The most obvious one is that you’ll be able to keep your weight under control. In addition, you are likely to be free from various health issues that generally occur during this period. You will also have a very easy delivery if your body is strong and healthy.

The following tips will help you stay fit during your pregnancy:

1. 40 – 50 minutes of cardio everyday: Running (out in the open or in a gym) is great ways to boost your metabolism. If you’ve been doing this regularly before getting pregnant then there is really no need to stop now. You also might have to reduce the distance you run. Be sure to stop this as soon as you feel pain or discomfort. Aggressive power walking is a very good alternative to running.

2. Swimming: This is a fantastic exercise for the whole body because it does not put pressure on your joints. You will also love the feeling of

Burn Fat Quickly With These Simple Fitness Tips

Burn Fat Quickly With These 3 Simple Fitness TipsIf you want to burn fat quickly you MUST get control of your eating habits. This is the biggest struggle for most people when it comes to long term weight loss success.

We’ve been brought up in a society where eating has become an emotional and social process, instead of one of health, fitness and survival.

In other words, if you want to burn fat quickly, you almost have to reverse an entire life’s learning when it comes to your nutrition.

Not easy but it can be done.

Here are three simple weight loss nutrition tips you can work on to get you started.

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself by making a lot of radical changes all at the same time.

1. Burn fat quickly by keeping your diet simple

A lot of people make eating and nutrition way too complicated and are always trying to figure out what to eat for their next meal.

The more complicated you make your diet, the more likely

How to Grow Muscle

How to Grow MuscleThis article is for everyone who wants to learn the true tricks and fitness tips about growing muscles. In this brief guide I have some shocking myth busters for you!

Body building is an old practice, which started in the ancient times. This has been one of the most prominent and favorite hobbies of men belonging to different parts of the world for the last number of centuries. It has come down to the modern men from the men of the past. Thus, the men of today still follow the old rules fabricated by the men in the past. All these rules may not be accurate and true but their age makes them authentic for many. Following is a list of some body building myths and some valuable tricks and fitness tips to help you know the true guidelines to grow muscles. These are based on proper research and guidance from experts. Thus, you can trust these without a tinge of doubt.

12 Repetition Rule

You must have been told by your instructor or your gym

Fitness Tips For Fall

Fitness Tips For FallFall is here but does that mean that your fitness goals will be blown way like the leaves from the trees?

Exercising at the gym can yield some amazing results, but if you have not done this before you may feel uneasy about starting. It is easy to think that everyone knows what they are doing apart from yourself. You may worry about looking a klutz, or imagine that your body does not look as good as others, or whether you are able to do the exercises.

At the outset this is usually OK because most gyms will break you in gently just to show you the various exercise machines but later you may become confused unless you have engaged a personal trainer. You may even find yourself in the unfortunate position of not being able to remember what has been shown you and further add to your embarrassment.

Stand back for a second and remember that these feelings are not unique to you – everyone joining the gym for the first time feels the same.


Eat Right and Stay Fit

Eat Right and Stay FitStaying fit involves more effort than just working out a few times a week. While it is certainly important to exercise, eating the right foods is equally important. You cannot simply exercise and continue to eat the same way you were eating before you began a fitness program-at least not if you expect to make lifestyle changes that will be beneficial to your good health. Eating healthy means more than just minimizing your intake of calories; it means eating the right kinds of foods in order to maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

One of the biggest problems that affects people in the 21st century is finding (or making) the time to eat healthy foods. Everyone seems to be on the go, and as a result there is a tendency to eat foods that are quick and easy albeit unhealthy. Sadly people do not realize until it is too late that they can actually accomplish both. One of the easiest ways to eat healthy when you have limited time is to take the free time you

Fitness Tips For Women in Menopause

Fitness Tips For Women in MenopauseWomen in menopause age experience a lot of body changes in terms of hormone imbalance such that they have sleep problems, mood swings, hot flashes and other problems. Routines for such women can help a lot especially in the prevention of chronic diseases such as breast cancer and heart attacks. Tips for women in menopause can be many and varied but the best thing is to follow whatever works out for you.

During menopause, chances of weight increase are high which has its side effects too hence fitness tips for women in menopause comes in handy. Fitness activities at this time should be simple and not very intense because at this time the woman’s bones may not be very strong to stand rough exercises because of the advanced age.

Fitness tips for women at this time revolve around doing activities that can help to reduce menopause symptoms. It is wise to consult a doctor before doing any fitness routine especially if you are experiencing adverse menopause symptoms.

There are fitness tips for women that

Winter Fitness Tips

Winter Fitness TipsThe winter season is filled with tempting dishes, delectable sweets, and yummy cocktails. It’s easy to get swept up into the cycle of unhealthy eating. Don’t worry, there are surefire ways to stay fit, and make healthy choices while enjoying this season. Here is a list of 7 fitness tips to keep you focused:

1. STAY FOCUSED! If you have a workout routine that’s 3-5 times per week, stay focused! Don’t lose sight of your goals. It’s very easy to miss workouts, but trust us, your body will reap the rewards by sticking to a plan.

2. ONCE-A-DAY! Make sure that you get in at least ONE activity per day. Yep, that means getting up and moving your body! Walking, running, stairs, free weights, etc. If you can commit 30 minutes per day, you will be maintaining your body’s muscle memory, and stamina.

3. BALANCE WITH MACRONUTRIENTS! We suggest a protein rich diet as protein increases your metabolism by 20%. Balancing protein with veggies is a definite way to burn those calories, while still building muscle mass.

Ways To Get Fit In The Pool

Ways To Get Fit In The PoolBeing physically fit is a goal that we want – or that we should want! Being fit helps us to live longer, have more energy and just live healthier. The secret to getting and staying fit is to find an exercise that you enjoy. For many people – it’s working out in a pool. Exercising in a pool especially helps those that have joint problems. The water helps with the impact on your muscles and joints. If you don’t think that there is an indoor pool in your area – check around. There may be one that’s open to the public at a Community College, etc.

Here are three ways that you can get fit by having fun and going to the pool.

1. One of the best exercises that you can do is simply swimming. It burns a lot of calories – and most everyone likes to go for a swim. If you do decide that you want swim as an exercise choice – make sure that you find a pool that has

Is Walking Really Exercise

s Walking Really ExerciseI recently read a post by my friend Karen McCoy (who is also a past interview) and she was talking about walking and how it is/is not exercise. She says walking is not an exercise. Walking is an activity.

This triggered something in me as I’ve been thinking about writing about this very subject as well, I just wasn’t sure on which direction to take it in. Well, thanks to Karen, now I do!

First of all, I want to say I agree with Karen. Plain and simple, walking is NOT an exercise, it is an activity. Let me give you an example: We walk to and from the TV to the refrigerator, some people have to walk to take the garbage out. Even though this is walking, this is NOT and exercise.

I can hear it now, “Andrew, that’s not the kind of walking I’m talking about. The walking I do is around the block, that’s exercise, right?” Well, now it goes to the idea as to what you consider to be exercise. The best

Health And Fitness Tips For Losing Weight

Health And Fitness Tips For Losing WeightThere are a ton of health and fitness tips that you can use to improve your weight loss efforts. In this article, I will show you some health and fitness tips that you can use to lose weight in no time at all. I have personally been using these health and fitness tips myself to lose weight, so you should stand to benefit from these tips.

One of the best health and fitness tips is exercising. Running for 20 minutes a day is a great way to boost your physical and mental health, and to get the ball rolling on losing weight. When you go running, you release special chemicals in your brain called “endorphins” that make you feel better. These are known as the “feel good” chemicals as they promote health and well being.

Running to lose weight is an excellent strategy that I highly recommend you doing. It’s all natural and doesn’t require a prescription, so you can get started right away – no doctor approval is required. I think we’ve all

Men Fitness Over 40

Men Fitness Over 40You might have heard the saying – Life begins after 40. It is the age when our body goes through many internal & external changes. We become vulnerable of ailments at this stage. So one must take utmost care of their health at this age. The fitness for men over 40 might vary as compared to the women as the hormonal changes differ in the two.

Here are some weight training & fitness tips for men over 40:

Diet: At this age its best to take a balanced diet that comprises of all required nutrients. These include vitamins, minerals and most of all fibers. In order to balance your weighty that is very important over 40, you must have your meals on time and avoid trans fats. Include a lot of raw fruits & vegetables, lean proteins and nuts in you diet. Although, you might be taking a perfectly balanced diet, having multivitamin & mineral supplements adds to your well being and the total health.

Watch for some things: In order to take care of their

Juicy Fitness Tips a Using Punch Bag

Juicy Fitness Tips a Using Punch BagThe punch bag is great for fitness strength training. Boxers, MMA fighters, martial artists, soldiers, and other professionals use the boxing bag, not only for fighter training, but for fitness training. The modern day punching bag has been around for over 3000 years! Let us extract 8 fitness tips from this great tool that has been around for ages. After all, it’s been around for a reason right?

#1: When you hit the heavy bag, move around with it. Hitting the bag alone is a great fitness exercise but you’ll really get a great workout when you move around with the bag.

#2: Take advantage of the swinging bag. Duck, block, move away from the bag. Ducking and kneeling are tiring acts. If you’re fitness training, you should focus on the acts that make you tired. Kneel down to avoid the bag hitting you in the face. This will really help build your fitness and endurance.

#3: Change up your punches. Hitting the punch bag in a variety of different ways will

The Next Generation of Sports Leaders Supported by Manchester Metropolitan

Manchester Metropolitan University is putting sports directorship on the map, with a pioneering course that aims to create future sporting leaders.

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Course Details

The Masters in Sporting Directorship course is a two-year, part-time accredited study programme offered by Manchester Metropolitan University, in conjunction with Visionary Sports Investment. The course is targeted towards the UAE market.

According to Sport360 the course teaches a unique curriculum, designed to give students the skills required to meet the demands of leading sporting organisations.

The course includes aspects such as leadership, sport governance and best practice, personal development and masterminding innovation. It also covers the process of sporting success, in particular, with a focus on neuroscience and understanding human social behaviour. Appreciating how the brain affects performance is crucial for any managerial role.

Rationale of the Course

This innovative course has been developed due to increasing focus on the role sports management plays in decision making, revenues and even influencing commercial, social and political issues.

High-level guidance through sport training, whether through field hockey drills, football, athletics, cricket and rugby union, is increasingly focusing on the

How to Build Up Stamina

How to Build Up StaminaDo you get tired easily? Be honest with yourself. When guys perform any type of physical activity there is a normal amount of energy that is wasted. But if you think you get exhausted almost immediately, then you have to do something about it.

What is stamina?

In simple terms stamina is body power. It is the amount of energy you have at your disposal to perform any physical activity without getting tired. There are a lot of ways to help you build up stamina we’ll discuss some of them…

Discard any medical condition…

Do you get tired when you walk up the stairs? If you believe your level of exhaustion is not normal then you should see a doctor, just to be sure. Many times this type of symptom suggests there is something wrong with your heart. An early visit to your doctor’s office may be a lifesaver.

You have to eat enough food.

Would you try to start a car without fuel? Well, food is your fuel and you can’t

Tips to Save Years of Frustration in the Gym

Tips to Save Years of Frustration in the Gym(1) Engage your core muscles when exercising and in all Activities of Daily Living.

(2) Picture the Muscle. Visualize the muscle working with each repetition when exercising.

(3) In the gym, it’s quality not quantity. Hit it hard, and get out!

(4) When doing a squat, bend at the hips, not the waist.

(5) To stimulate muscle fibers, you must use proper form and technique to get the best muscle contraction.

(6) When using weight machines in the gym, the stabilizing muscles are not being engaged fully. Free weights and body weight exercises are preferable.

(7) A warm-up should raise the heart rate and get the blood flowing to the muscles. However, don’t turn the warm-up into a mini workout. Keep it 6 to 8 minutes.

(8) Combine anaerobic and aerobic conditioning by using circuit training, performing a variety of exercises in succession without rest starting with a multi-joint combination lift such as the dead lift, squat, or clean and press.

(9) A well rounded fitness

Best Fitness Tips For Men

Best Fitness Tips For MenBeing fit is important to boost your self esteem and self confidence. It also makes you more attractive and appealing. A fit and sexy body will also help you get away with deadly diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. You must take care of yourself all the time. There are some tips that men should know in order to be fit and healthy.


Before you begin exercising or executing your fitness activities, you must plan for it first. You must make your goals specific, measurable, realistic, attainable and time bound. It will be very good for you to write these goals so that you will know which step you must make.


Men must keep their mind positive and hopeful. You must get away with negative thoughts. Always remember that your mind can dictate your body so keep positive thoughts so that you will see positive effects in your body. You must think about positive things so that you will feel motivated all the time.

Easy Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Easy Fitness Tips for Busy MomsMost moms lead extremely busy lives. With so much to do (work, taking care of the kids, keeping the house organized, etc.) – it’s no wonder that keeping a strict diet regime and scheduling time exclusively for exercise is almost impossible.

The following five easy-to-follow tips are meant to help busy moms who want to be in shape, look beautiful and stay healthy without sacrificing much time from their hectic schedules.

1. Avoid “eating after your kids”

No matter how tempting it is to “pick” from your kid’s food, or even worse – eat their leftovers, don’t do it! Children have completely different nutrition and caloric needs than adults. While that macaroni and cheese may not really have an immediate impact in your child’s weight, think twice before packing on 315 calories (90 from fat!) in a single serving.

2. Carry your baby with you

Nothing burns calories faster than exercising with weights. You get stronger while building lean muscle that helps increase your metabolism and burn additional calories. Instead of

Water Fitness Tips and Suggestions

Water Fitness Tips and SuggestionsWater fitness is one of the fastest growing workouts today. Here is a step by step guide to help you add pool running to your fitness program.

1. Find a pool for Water Fitness

A growing number of pools are establishing lanes for water fitness. The use of a hitch or leash (a bungie cord with special hook fasteners available from AquaJogger) is a great choice when working out in a lap lane with swimmers. Simply go to the deep end of the slowest lane and hitch up to the lane divider outlet in the pool wall. Because you are in a vertical position you will be using only a small amount of the pool surface compared to the lap swimmers.

In addition, an AquaHitch can help you stay focused, increase resistance (by pulling you back as you attempt to advance forward) and it creates a sense of territory in the crowded pool. Also, check to see if your local facilities have a diving well. These are usually under-used portions of the pool facility and

Excellent Fitness Tips and After Workout Nutrition

Excellent Fitness Tips and After-Workout NutritionWhat do you think you can do to achieve excellent fitness results for overall health and lifestyle?

  1. Create a great strength training routine and interval cardio to your workouts. You don’t have to do the same thing constantly. Muscle is needed to continue your high metabolism, and you need cardio to carry a strong heart. Therefore, it’s beneficial to find a correct balance.
  2. Implement whole body movements in your strength training. You definitely want to keep a constant movement going during your whole routine. You could even try raising your arms over your head while squatting and you’d be able to tell how your heart rate increases quickly. Keep your body moving through your entire routine and you’ll have sweat build up as much as in a cardio workout.
  3. It’s beneficial that during the day, you consistently eat. And, it’s extremely important to implement natural, health food into those 5 daily meals, including a protein in every dish. You’ve got to remember to feed your muscles with body-enhancing protein. By doing this, your metabolism keeps working all day